Meet the ladies that make it all happen:


Eva Woolridge

Eva Woolridge hails from Brooklyn, by way of MAPSO (Maplewood, South Orange, NJ) native. Growing up, Woolridge was so comfortable sharing her want for her first period that she received a period swag bag with tampons and pads for her 13th birthday (only for it to be shelved for two years). Woolridge scuffs at the idea of people saying it's not "lady-like" to discuss a topic only "females" know first hand, and so co-created Red Dot to change the worlds’ bleak perception of the period by giving menstruators the chance to speak their truth. She believes that comedy and art is the best combination to spread the message to embrace the period.

Jewel Hedshot.jpg

Jewel Addy

Jewel Addy is a Washington, DC transplant by way of Silver Spring, MD, MAPSO, and Liberian culture. She grew up with a plethora of women present and knew of periods way before starting her own. Yet, she still found herself almost fainting at the sight of her first period. Her dedication to menstrual health lies in the belief that all menstruating people should have equitable access to menstrual resources. Jewel co-founded Red Dot to ensure all people are engaged in supporting menstrual health. We've been quiet about periods for far too long. Let's all make up for the times we didn't think to donate pads, tampons and other menstrual resources. This cause is for more than just the menstruators.


Sage Youngblood

Growing up in Dallas was pretty subpar, so she moved to a land far, far away and studied architecture & design at NYU. She grew up avoiding conversations about menstruation and buying into the stigma surrounding it. It wasn't until recently that she wasn't ashamed to discuss it in everyday conversation–she finally realized that her period was a natural part of being a woman–a biological process that shouldn't be shamed. TLDR: Let's just humanize the period, okay?