How We Started

In January 2015, two women of color came together to, simply put, improve women's health for those less fortunate.  

Focusing on the period—a natural, beautiful part of female biology that can become a monthly nightmare for some—their initiative became the Red Dot Campaign. Working in collaboration with over 15 organizations at the University of Maryland, College Park, Jewel Addy and Eva Woolridge surpassed their goal of collecting 10,000 menstrual health products for women experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C.

During the donation process, menstruation became a topic of intense conversation, and as a result, the mission of Red Dot expanded into a social movement. Simply collecting tampon and pad donations was not enough. The Red Dot team's new vision aims to convert period shaming into public and proud period discussion.

In turn, Red Dot boldly encourages women and men to recognize, embrace, and celebrate the period. It's not "yucky." It's not "gross." It's a part who we are. 


The fact that menstruation is a taboo topic to begin with, means that people who are able help, often aren’t even aware that such a vast need exists.
— Eleanor Goldberg, Editor at HuffPost Impact

Point of Difference

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Our Vision

Red Dot envisions a world where menstruation, and health needs associated with menstruation, are supported with funding, education and inclusive policy that puts a person’s mandatory menstrual health needs first. No matter the age, race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation of person, they will be afforded access to menstrual health resources and support, and treated with the same dignity and respect as any other natural bodily function.


Eva Woolridge

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Our Team

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jewel Addy

Jewel Addy is a Washington, DC transplant by way of Silver Spring, MD, MAPSO, and Liberian culture. She grew up with a plethora of women present and knew of periods way before starting her own. Yet, she still found herself almost fainting at the sight of her first period. Her dedication to menstrual health lies in the belief that all menstruating people should have equitable access to menstrual resources. Jewel co-founded Red Dot to ensure all people are engaged in supporting menstrual health. We've been quiet about periods for far too long. Let's all make up for the times we didn't think to donate pads, tampons and other menstrual resources. This cause is for more than just the menstruators.


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