About Us

In January 2015, two women of color came together to, simply put, improve menstruation conditions for those less fortunate.


Focusing on the period—a natural, beautiful part of female biology that can become a monthly nightmare for some—their initiative became the Red Dot Campaign. Working in collaboration with over 15 organizations at the University of Maryland, College Park, Jewel Addy and Eva Woolridge surpassed their goal of collecting 10,000 menstrual health products for women experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C.


During the donation process, menstruation became a topic of intense conversation, and as a result, the mission of Red Dot expanded into a social movement. Simply collecting tampon and pad donations was not enough. The Red Dot team's new vision aims to convert period shaming into public and proud period discussion.  By combining art and comedy, Red Dot hosts events to educate the public on the inequity of period policy. Education is best received through laughter and reflection.

In turn, Red Dot boldly encourages everyone to recognize, embrace, and celebrate the period. It's not "yucky." It's not "gross." It's a part of who we are.



Red Dot is nonprofit located in Washington D.C. & N.Y.C., with a MISSION to celebrate the period through education, research, and period product collection all while supporting an intersectional, multi-dimensional human experience.